About McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary

In operation since 1990, McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary is a non-profit charitable organization located in West Palm Beach, Florida, that is dedicated to conservation. McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary provides veterinary treatment and rehabilitation for sick and injured native animals and permanently houses those that cannot be released into the wild. The organization also cares for exotic animals that have been removed from situations involving neglect, abuse, and illegal possession.

Aside from providing animals with a safe refuge, the sanctuary offers guided tours for guests seeking to view and learn more about the animals living there. The types of animals guests typically see on the tours range from white tigers to scarlet macaws to great horned owls. Guests are provided with the opportunity to interact with small animals such as tortoises, parrots, kinkajous and different types of snakes. The sanctuary has received multiple recognitions, including being rated as the number one attraction in West Palm Beach for the past decade and is one of the top 50 attractions in Florida, according to Trip Advisor.

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